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9 Go-To Recipes

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I know you have expressed wanting a cookbook, but that just wasn’t in the cards for 2018. Instead I’ve put together my 9 go-to recipes. These are the recipes we make ALL the time and a few of the have been staples for years since I learned how to cook.



Sweet Potato Hash – I’ll make this on Sunday, quadrupling the recipe so it lasts us for the work week. We warm it up in a skillet making little nests for our eggs. To cook the eggs thoroughly, we just cover the skillet for a few minutes. Quick and easy breakfast during the work week. I should say we prioritize eating a solid breakfast, even if that means waking up 30 minutes earlier to make and eat it.

Shakshuka – Perfect for weekends! We also have used a 14oz of diced tomatoes when we don’t have any fresh ones on hand. Serve it with a piece of toast and/or some avocado. Zach and I will split this, maybe even add another egg if we could fit it in the pan.

Chia pudding – Enter chia pudding when I discovered I could no longer eat eggs. I add Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to mine to up to the protein content too. The best part is you can constantly switch up your toppings – fruit, nuts, nut butters, cacao nibs, seeds, jams, etc. I’ve even added bacon too it!  You can’t really get bored with it. Although, it says 2 servings, I often found it so filling that it would last more like 4 days. This could also be dessert! This is also our go to when traveling, travels well to eat later.



I’m not adding a lunch section because we usually have leftovers for lunch. We’ll double dinner so we have something to eat the next day.

Roasted chicken is a weekly staple in our house. It is super easy, versatile, and will have leftovers for at least 3 days, if not more. At a minimum, you’ll need a whole chicken, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and pepper. That’s it! Everything else can be customizable to your liking. We often cut half a lemon and half a small onion to stuff inside the bird. In the summer time, we may add fresh herbs from the garden – thyme, rosemary, and/or oregano.  You could also add any spices you want. How to cook: Pre-heat the oven to 425. We choose to cover the bird initially with tin foil to minimize the fat splashing around and remove it for the last 30 minutes, it will still be crispy! Every 30 minutes we baste it by taking a spoon and just pouring the drippings back all over the bird. Our favorite is to add some sort of vegetable to the pan for the last 45 minutes ish. These are our absolute favorite veggies ever, they are so tastey and sinful covered in all the chicken drippings. Our favorites are potatoes and butternut squash, but root veggies and squashes are the best. Overall, it takes about an hour and half for a 4lb bird.  Also, don’t forget to save all the organs that come with the bird (neck, liver, heart) and ALL of the bones! We put them in a freezer bag until it is full for broth.

Nom Nom Paleo’s Bone Broth – It is so much cheaper to make your own broth!! You can use any bones you save as well as organs – no waste!  This recipe is what I used when I first started making bone broth and reminds me of my childhood in NYC with my Dad’s family. I know there is controversy regarding whether or not it is as beneficial to make bone broth in the Instant Pot, but it is just easier! You could also do this in a slow cooker, which she has a link to as well.

Crispy Coconut Kale with Roasted Salmon – Served with coconut rice! This is so good and relatively quick to make. I’ve never made this with sweet potatoes since we get them daily with breakfast, but I would recommend either doing potatoes or rice, not both in one meal.  We also usually use a fillet instead of portions – it’s cheaper!

Apple & Bacon Stuffed Pork Chops – Make these! Do not worry about making a pocket in the chops, we just pile the stuffing on top and around them when we put it in the oven to finish. Also, recommend searing the fatty side of the pork chop, it just makes it so much tastier when you bite into it – so it does require you to put it on its side and hold it there with tongs so they don’t plop over.

Stuffed Sweet Acorn Squash – This is a really delicious savory meal for the winter and you can always switch up the type of meat you use, like chorizo, as well as mix-ins. We always have left over stuffing as well.

Seafood soup – Make this if you want to impress others! It is really easy to make and makes ALOT.  We often serve it over rice as well.









Giving in to Supplements

My belief has always been that the food we consume can heal us. However, I was reminded that our food does not contain the same nutrient content as it once did as the soil our food is grown in is often nutrient deficient due to monoculture, pesticides, etc.  Although I’ve drastically overhauled how I eat, it is clear something is still fucked up – could be I’m not digesting my food properly and/or not absorbing nutrients. Honestly, I’m at my wits end over here, so I have finally caved on supplements.

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Health Update

At the end of last year, I had given up hope on healing my body. I felt like I had done everything right – I eat a clean diet, minimal sugar, followed a leaky gut protocol for 30-days, reduced my workouts, and had significantly reduced my stress. But my face remained the same and it seemed other things were starting to pop-up — dry skin around my hairline and muscle fatigue in my shoulder which can be bad at times.  I had researched a low-sulfur diet, but honestly it was so restrictive I was hesitant to implement it – okay I don’t want to. I basically told myself, screw it until the renovation is done because at the end of the day, I think it is the culprit for most of my issues. Full disclosure – I don’t clean often and with the reno it is ALWAYS dirty that I don’t see the point.

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Nutritional Challenge – WHY?

Starting today, for the rest of the month – NO GLUTEN, SUGAR or DAIRY!  My snacking has gotten out of control the last few weeks, the worst part is that I’m not even hungry! I’m just eating because I need a mental break and do something else.

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Food Prep is Key

I’m fully anticipating this week being a little crazy.  My client has some pretty insane deadlines for the end of the month and items keep getting added.  However, there are a few things that are non-negotiable to me: SLEEP (7 – 8 hours!), FOOD, & EXERCISE.  Regardless of what is going on, I need these to get through the day.

Over the past 3 years, I have learned meal prep is key to not eating out and/or binge eating.  I’ve become quite the snob when it comes to eating out as I prefer my own cooking and if we are going out it better be something to die for!

With a lot of trial and error, I think I’ve become pretty efficient with food/meal prepping.  It was definitely a struggle at first, but at some point I realized that I didn’t have to make complex recipes and FAT is critical to making a delicious meal.  The only thing required for the week were basics and doubling everything now that the husband has realized the benefits! Also, making large dinners guarantees leftovers!!

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