Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Complimentary Discovery Call

FREE – 20 minutes (new clients only)

Feel free to ask me any questions and find out how nutritional therapy can help you! I want to learn what you are going through, discuss the challenges you are experiencing, & understand your health goals. This call will help both of us determine if we will be a good team!


FYB Nutritional Therapy Consultation

For the individual who would like to understand what is going on & receive personalized recommendations, but prefers the freedom to follow & implement the recommendations at their own pace. With this package you will receive:

  • Health history review
  • Food journal analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • Personalized nutrition, supplement, & lifestyle recommendations


FYB Monthly Package

This 30-day package provides on-going support, accountability, & tracking throughout the month to help you achieve your health goals. You decide how long we work together & what works for your schedule. With this package you will receive:

  • FYB Nutritional Therapy Consultation
  • Weekly in-person or video conference sessions for accountability, track your progress, & discuss any questions
  • Unlimited support via e-mail/text, if you have questions


FYB Session Packages

Need support & accountability but not weekly? Packages are available to include follow-up consultations. Purchasing a package saves you money & allows you to dictate the pace. With this package you will receive:

  • FYB Nutritional Therapy Consultation
  • A pre-defined number of follow-up consultations


Function Evaluation (FE) Add-on

The FE is the hands-on component of Nutritional Therapy, complementing any package offered. By utilizing the body’s innate intelligence, the FE dials into your specific nutritional deficiencies to further customize your personalized nutrition, supplement, & lifestyle recommendations. ¬†This is available only to local clients.


**contact for pricing on all services**


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